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Having grown up close to Grand Rapids has provided me with the opportunity to hunt in many of the local outlying hunting grounds. From the time I could walk, hunting has been my passion and I have spent countless hours perfecting the sport, ultimately, resulting in many successful hunts. I started off pursing small game and then progressed to large game with the guidance of my dad. When I was 16, I started hunting waterfowl and this has now become one of my greatest past times, particularly hunting snow geese. There are few things I enjoy in life more than sharing a successful hunt with my buddies as we work our spread on 100’s of birds, resulting in many birds in the bag. My love of the outdoors has provided me the opportunity to spend my spare time hunting or fishing year round, depending on the season. This has also driven me to pursue a career as a marine mechanic with the chance to work on or close to the water on a daily basis.

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Spring Snow Goose Hunts
Spring Snow Goose Hunts
Spring Snow Goose Hunts
Spring Snow Goose Hunts
Spring Snow Goose Hunts
Spring Snow Goose Hunts

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