Field Rules

Our Field Rules

Spring Snow Goose Hunting Field Rules

Our rules if not followed may result in cancellation of the remainder of your hunt. It is at the discretion of the Whiteout Outfitters guide or affiliate to cancel the remainder of your hunt with us at no refund of paid services.

It is your responsibility to take into account not only your safety but, everyone that is in the field with you. If you are a threat to the safety of our staff or to anyone who is in the field you will be asked to leave and to not return without a refund.

Our guides safety and your safety are of the most importance to us and we want to make sure we are providing you with a safe and fun atmosphere while on a hunting trip with us. This is our way of providing you with the information and rules that we feel are necessary to keep our hunts safe and responsible. We are in no way responsible for your belongings and your gear and or equipment while on a hunt with us and you are taking full responsibility of yourself and your actions during your guided hunt with us. By signing this form you are agreeing to our rules and acknowledging that we have provided you with information about transporting waterfowl across borders.

Snow Goose Hunting Field Rules
  1. No alcohol in the field. Please do not attempt to bring alcoholic beverages with you into the field while hunting.
  2. No shooting of any waterfowl outside of snow geese, blue geese, or ross’s geese while hunting with us in the spring. Identify the birds before you take a shot if you are unsure do not shoot.
  3. The use of non-toxic shells only is required. No lead shot is acceptable
  4. You must possess a valid hunting license to enter a field with us and hunt.
  5. No loading your guns until you have established your blind and are ready to hunt in the field. No loading your guns at the road and walking to your blind with loaded guns. Only load your guns when you have got your gear in your blind and the guide says it’s ok to load your guns.
  6. Guns remain on safety at all times unless we are shooting into a flock of birds. Before we shoot you must only take the safety off as we call the shot and then following the volley you must immediately put your safety back on.
  7. No running through the field to pick up birds or to chase cripples unless approved by the Whiteout Outfitters Guide in charge of the field.
  8. Do not shoot at any birds before a shot is called by the Whiteout Outfitters Guide in charge of the field.
  9. Never point your gun at anyone in the field while hunting. It is your responsibility to pay attention to your surroundings and to make sure that you use the most extreme care of your firearm while in the field. Guns are to remain in your blind on the gun rest during the hunt unless approved by the Whiteout Outfitters Guide in charge to walk down cripples.
  10. Do not shot over other people. Always shoot your side of the decoys and do not cross shoot over the rest of the group.
  11. Do not expose any waste grain that may be on the ground, no picking ears of corn or any crop and dispersing it around our decoy set at any time before, during, or after a hunt. If you come across ears of corn in or around our blinds or in the decoy set leave it alone do not move or touch it exposing ears of corn or any other dispersing of waste grain in a field could result in a baiting ticket.
  12. You are responsible for cleaning, transporting, tagging, and disposing of your snow goose carcasses when you leave the field. You must leave a wing on your harvested snow geese to cross borders and you must claim what snow geese are yours. There is now possession limit or daily limit so, if you want you can tag whatever means of transporting your harvested snow geese with name and address per box, cooler, bag, or however it is you plan to transport your harvested snow geese. Whiteout Outfitters and anyone acting under the guide service is not responsible for your snow geese after you leave the field and we are providing you with this information so that you are aware of how to properly transport your harvested snow geese when you leave the field or the location that we are hunting.

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