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Whiteout Outfitters about us and our guided waterfowl hunts and turkey hunts. Who we are, what we do, when we hunt, where we offer hunts, and why we hunt. We are a guided hunting outfit based out of Michigan & Missouri. Our operation started in 2015 guiding spring snow goose hunts in the Central & Mississippi Flyways. Since that time we have slowely been improving our tactics, expanding our operations, and building our resources to provide our hunters with the best possible hunt that we can.

Every year it is our goal to improve on our hunting opportunities, our hunting gear, our land access, and our team. We are committed to bring the best and safest hunting atmosphere to our hunters and also to look for new locations and new opportunities to expand on what we can offer our hunters overall. Our team is made up of skilled and dedicated waterfowl and turkey hunters that possess elite skills in their respective skill sets so, that we are able to meet the needs of an ever evolving hunting industry.

Our hunting season starts in the late winter months around the end of January and runs through the spring to the end of may with the spring turkey hunting seasons. We then get a short summer break from June to August where we typically are doing shows, maintaining, repairing, replacing, or adding to our gear for the upcoming waterfowl season.

Following summer break we kick off our waterfowl hunting sesaon in Michigan where we start chasing the local populations of canada geese around the farmlands and crop fields in Southern & Central Michigan which usually takes us to the end of November and the regular Michgian waterfowl hunting season.

After Thanksgiving we gear up and head out to our Central Missouri lodge where we begin hunting the large migration of waterfowl that travel through that area which takes us to about the first part of January where we end the Missouri waterfowl hunting season chasing large numbers of ducks and geese around our area. We do all of this because we have a deep passion for chasing the fowl of the sky and we also have a deep passion for providing others with the chance to experience the migrations right along side of us day in and day out.
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Missouri Spring Snow Goose Hunts & Michigan Spring Turkey Hunts
Jackson Michigan, 49203
Maryville Missouri

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