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Please Read All Policies, Agreement Understandings, and What is Expected or Requested of You at the bottom of this party sign up form!



*If you are planning to bring dogs we are ok with it as long as the dog minds and is not an issue with other people or with causing problems with the hunt. Our guides may ask for you to put the dog up if it is causing an issue with the birds or affecting the hunt. Especially if you are paired up with another group. Thanks for understanding.


* You only need to fill out for the number of hunters in your party the rest you can leave blank


Payment Information, Policies, Waivers, Tips, Hunter Responsibilities

Read All Policies & Agreement Understanding

Before fully committing to a hunt with us please read all of our policies so that you understand our policies, procedures, and what is expected of you for your hunt with us.

Read All Policies

What is Expected or Requested of You

  1. Deposits: Deposits are required for date reservations to be held and are non-refundable with no exceptions. We offer rebooking dates for cancellations only.
  2. Balance: We request cash for balances, and balances are due prior to your hunt before you step into the field the first day. We need to pay for insurance, employees, equipment, lodging, food, gas, and many other unforseen expenses and we want to focus on your hunt and not playing repo man.
  3. Waivers: Printed, signed, and mailed to:
    Whiteout Outfitters
    Clay ORourke
    1004 S. Brown St. Jackson MI, 49203
  4. Guide Tips: We strongly request a 10% tip per person for our guides. Our guides are sacrificing their time away from their families for extended periods of time and are spending all day in the field with our hunting parties working diligently on trying to provide our hunters with the best opportunity they can. Even a bad server at a restaurant that you spend almost an hour with gets a 5% tip for only an hour of not great service. These guys are working hard all day long for you and your hunting party.
  5. Getting to Hunt Locations: We try to provide the easiest possible access to our hunting locations and fields. However there are times that the weather doesn't permit us the access to drive in to our fields with side by sides or vehicles. Please understand that we respect our land owners and the land they provide for us to be able to hunt and most of the time getting into the field will involve having to walk through muddy or tough walking conditions for a long distance with your gear. If, this is not doable for you then you may want to think about another option. Thank you for your understanding.
  6. What We Provide: Fields to hunt, Decoys, Layout Blinds, E-Callers, Gun Rests, and Guides
  7. What We Don't Provide: Food, Lodging, Bird Cleaning, Licensing

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Embark on an exhilarating journey with Whiteout Outfitters into the heart of the wild, where the beauty of spring converges with the thrill of snow goose hunting. Nestled across the picturesque landscapes of Missouri, Kansas, Nebraska, and South Dakota, our outfitter's passion for outdoor excellence and dedication to creating unforgettable experiences beckon adventure enthusiasts and seasoned hunters alike.