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Whiteout Outfitters Mission Statement

Whiteout Outfitters mission statment, guided waterfowl hunts, and turkey hunts. Our guided hunting opportunities mission statement.

It is our mission to provide a safe and exceptional hunting experience for our hunters and guests who book a hunt with us during the waterfowl hunting and turkey hunting seasons. We aim to provide an adventure for family and friends in and atmosphere that promotes ethical and moral ideoligies consistent of a family friendly environment. We will provide a successful hunting trip and measure success focusing on the experiences of the hunting adventures with family and friends and do not promote our hunts success on the outcome of the hunts alone. Hunting is a generational passtime that we have inherited from our ancestors and family members on our life long journey and we are here to provide our guests with the means to build lasting memories with their family and friends along the way.


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Looking to get under the swarms of snow geese during the reverse migration for a Spring Snow Goose Hunt in Missouri, South Dakota, Nebraska, Kansas, or Iowa?
Want to get in on a Big Time Honker Hunt in Michigan in the early season or regular season?
Need to get those chills down your spin and get up close and personal with a large gobbling Tom Turkey?
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Our On Call List: Want to be placed on our on call list? if, we have cancellations, openings, or last minute availability for any of our hunts in Michigan, Missouri, South Dakota, Nebraska, Kansas, or Iowa just join our on call list and select what hunt you are interested in being on call for. We will work down the list and contact you either by call, text, or email depending on your contact preference. Call or Text are going to be the best opportunity for you to be able to get in on a hunt last minute so sign up!

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Spring Snow Goose Hunts
Spring Snow Goose Hunts
Spring Snow Goose Hunts
Spring Snow Goose Hunts
Spring Snow Goose Hunts
Spring Snow Goose Hunts

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