Missouri Spring Snow Goose Hunts

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Missouri Spring Snow Goose Hunts

Missouri Spring Snow Goose Hunting

Missouri Spring Snow Goose Hunts. Guided spring snow goose hunts in Missouri during the spring snow goose season. Read below to get all the information you may need for our Missouri spring snow goose hunts including Hunt Information, Pricing, About Missouri's Loess Bluffs NWR, Missouri's History of Spring Snow Goose Hunting, Booking Information, Licensing, Regulations, & More!

Whiteout Outfitters And Missouri Spring Snow Goose Hunts

We have been guiding and hunting spring snow goose hunts in Missouri since 1999 when the spring conservation order was established to combat the ever growing population of mid-continental snow geese. Since that time we have traveled and hunted snow geese in the majority of the Central and Mississippi Flyways including MIssouri, South Dakota, Iowa, Kansas, Nebraska, and Arkansas. The majority of our hunts take place in Northwest Missouri & Arkansas utilizing the other states like Kansas, Nebraska, and Iowa if needed but, we do not have any dedicated hunts setup in those locations as of yet. We love to chase the spring snow goose migration and get under the big swarms of migrating snow geese and we do our best to keep our nose to the ground and focus on giving our hunters the best spring snow goose hunting opportunity we can.

Spring Snow Goose Hunts In Missouri

Missouri spring snow goose hunts are our bread and butter hunting option. We offer a variety of snow goose hunting opportunities Missouri. Including spring snow goose hunts in Northwest Missouri and Western Missouri. Our Missouri spring snow goose hunts feature Airbnb Locations and local hotel and motels in the area. As stated before Missouri spring snow goose hunts are our bread and butter hunting packages and we spend the most time here focusing on our favorite hunting areas. We aim to do our best to give you a snow goose hunting trip worth remembering. The memories are in the adventures not the outcomes. Also offering starting 2024 Enclosed Blind Hunts for Missouri Spring Snow Goose Hunting featuring hunts from our newely built blind on the edge of a water source. Not only do we offer those great services but we also offer daily hunting rates as well if needed. We try our best to include everyone and try to make it easy to set up a spring snow goose hunting adventure with us that is both affordable and fun..

Snow Goose Information

Spring Snow Goose Information

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Hunter Information Information

Hunting Rates & Pricing

Hunting Rates & Pricing

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News & Information

When & Where Do We Hunt Snow Geese In Missouri?

Our Missouri Spring Snow Goose Hunts in Northwest Missouri and Central Missouri start in Mid to Early February and run through the first part of March we have found this is the best time to effectively target snow geese in these areas with ample time and space to chase them and get into some good spring snow goose hunting action.

Our Missouri Spring Snow Goose Hunts in Northwest Missouri take place north of the Famed Loess Bluffs NWR aka: Squaw Creek NWR at one time known as the snow goose hunting capital of the world. Over the years of hunting Northwest Missouri we have found this to be the best time in this area to target the mass snow goose migration as it pushes further north and into the central part of the US.

Why Do We Hunt Snow Geese In Missouri?

We offer Missouri Spring Snow Goose Hunts in Missouri because we feel this is the best place outside of South Dakota to really hunt migrating snow geese during the spring conservation order season. When they leave Arkansas and Louisiana and get away from the hordes of other snow goose hunting outfitters then they tend to get a little more relaxed and we can move around a lot more and really give our hunters the best opportunities for seeing a true migrator snow goose hunt up close and personal.

How Our Missouri Spring Snow Goose Hunts Operate?

Our Missouri spring snow goose hunts are all ran out of large snow goose sock decoy sets of anywhere from 1200-3000 decoys, using a blend of Tanglefree Snow Goose Slammer Socks, Skyfly Snow Goose Decoys, & Sillosocks Snow Goose Decoys with either layout blinds like the Tanglefree Ground Ghost Blinds, Hardcore Run N Gunner Layout Blinds, and or Rogers Goose Buster Frame Blinds. Our Northwest Missouri hunts take place on one of the best farms for hunting snow geese in the outfitter gauntlet north of Mound City MIssouri. This farm has always been the most consistant farm we have had for harvesting good numbers of snow geese during our many years hunting in Northwest Missouri.

Tanglefree Slammer Socks

Skyfly Snow Goose Decoys

Sillosock Snow Goose Decoys

Hardcore Run N Gunner

Tanglefree Ground Ghost

Rogers 3 Man Blind

Missouri & Loess Bluffs NWR AKA: Squaw Creek NWR

Northwest Missouri around the world famous Mound City Missouri area and set up some of our favorite fields in our longest running hunting areas.

Missouri is the host to the spring snow goose capital of the world, Loess Bluffs National Wildlife Refuge AKA : Squaw Creek. When the snow geese start to make their spring run north to their breeding grounds it is a sight to behold. Massive clouds of snow geese can be seen from Louisiana to North Dakota and what is right in the middle of this trek. Northwest Missouri and Loess Bluffs NWR AKA: Squaw Creek National Wildlife Refuge.

Boasting 3,400 acres of wetlands for the snow geese to stage on it is a collection point for the largest population of snow geese that migrate through the central United States and the Mississippi Flyway. At times in the peak of the migration you can find anywhere between 500,000 snow geese to upwards of 2 million and thats just in the squaw creek immediate area. That being said the entire state is a meca for the snow geese as they make their way through the US to the great white north. It serves as the middle ground or half way point to tundra. With vast expanses of crop lands and hilltops through out the central and western parts of Missouri with several areas of roosting waterways for the snow geese to rest in, the state of Missouri has the perfect mix of food and resting for the snow geese on the reverse migration.


Missouri & History Of Spring Snow Goose Hunting

With Missouri being such a great welcoming mat for the massive wads of snow geese it also makes for a great place to come and hunt the snow geese in the spring. When people think of spring snow goose hunts or spring snow goose hunting in general the state of Missouri has to be the most saught after areas for waterfowl hunters to gravitate to and rightly so. When the conservation order season was first established there was a big push to hunt South Western Iowa and North Western Missouri. Since the inception of the spring snow gooose season North West Missouri has established it's self as the meca and snow goose hunting capital of the world. But, with more snow geese and more area to hunt also comes more outfitters and more freelancers. North West Missouri is also becoming the hardest place to hunt snow geese in the spring. With more and more outfitters poping up every year there is fierce competition for hunting ground and pressure around the Squaw Creek NWR people are starting to seperate themselves from the meca that is Mound City. But, for those who have been around for some time know that there are plenty of places still in Missouri that are phenominal collection points as well as hunting locations. With a lot less pressure and friendlier land owners we can still hunt the state of Missouri and not have to deal with the crowds that flock to Mound City. There are alot of locations left in the state that are off the beaten path where the spring snow goose hunting is very productive and the locals welcome you with open arms.

Interested In a Spring Snow Goose Hunt
Looking To Book a Spring Snow Goose Hunt?

If you are thinking of taking a Spring Snow Goose Hunt trip this upcoming hunting season make sure you ask qualifying questions of the guide or outfitter that you are interested in hiring. There are a lot of them out there that are completely new to the industry and have only been hunting a very short time.

Contact us and talk to us about your concerns or questions about a  Spring Snow Goose Hunt and we will give honest and educated answers. We have been hunting, fishing, and running guided hunts since 1998 in Michigan and in the spring snow goose season almost since the beginning and have experienced the good, bad, and ugly of it all. We have hunted snow geese in Arkansas, Missouri, Kansas, Nebraska, Iowa, North Dakota, and South Dakota so we have seen the changes in the migration patterns over the past decade as well as knowledge of the places to go when the bad weather hits. We will not sugarcoat anything and will be upfront and honest about the hunting and what is going on in and out of the field. Let our 25 years of experience work for you!

Missouri Spring Snow Goose Season Dates & Regulations

  • First Weekend in February to the End of April
  • Unplugged Shotguns with Magazine Extensions
  • Use of Electronic Callers
  • No Daily Limitd or Possession Limits
  • No Federal or State Waterfowl Stamps Required
  • Must have a valid hunting license from any state
  • Must leave 1 wing attached when transporting waterfowl across any borders
  • Shooting time: 30 minutes before sunrise to 30 minutes after sunset

Missouri Spring Snow Goose Hunts License Information

  • Licensing prices are not 100% accurate please contact the state licensing departments for accurate pricing and the exact requirements for your hunting needs.
  • Resident License $5.00
  • Non-Resident License $47.00
  • Resident Apprentice $10.00
  • Non-Resident Apprentice $10.00
  • Resident Youth Under 16 Free
  • Non-Resident Youth Under 16 Free

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