Spring Snow Goose Hunts 02-27-23

February 27th, 2023, presented a new set of challenges for snow goose hunters. Stale birds emerging from Mound City made the hunt a bit tougher, but our dedicated team persevered. In this article, we'll recount the day's events, delve into the weather conditions, and highlight the spirit of our hunters.


Weather Conditions:

The day's weather featured a mix of conditions. With a low of 42 degrees Fahrenheit and a high of 63 degrees Fahrenheit, the temperatures were relatively mild. There was no precipitation to contend with, but the wind proved to be a significant factor, with morning speeds of 17-18mph, afternoon speeds of 14-20mph, and evening winds tapering to 8-13mph.

Dealing with Stale Birds:

One of the prominent challenges of February 27th was the presence of stale birds originating from Mound City. Snow geese that have been in an area for an extended period tend to become more cautious, making them more challenging to hunt. Despite this hurdle, our experienced hunters continued their pursuit of snow geese.

Persistence Pays Off:

Our team embodies the spirit of making hay even on challenging days. The determination to put snow geese on the ground remains unwavering, regardless of the circumstances. And when the day presents an opportunity, it often brings with it some impressive trophy birds for the walls, adding a rewarding dimension to the hunt.


February 27th, 2023, was a day marked by the battle against stale birds emerging from Mound City. The presence of cautious geese posed challenges, but our hunters faced them head-on. The commitment to snow goose hunting, even on tough days, is a testament to the passion that drives our team. With each day in the field, we learn, adapt, and continue to pursue our love for this sport. And as we press forward, we look forward to more fruitful days of hunting, no matter what Mother Nature brings our way.


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