What to Bring

Things to Bring for A Guided Hunt

What to Bring on Your Hunting Adventure

What to bring for a guided spring snow goose hunt or a guided duck and goose hunt with us. Hunter info for what to bring on a hunt. There are alot of things to concider while you are out away from home on a spring snow goose hunting trip or a duck and goose hunting trip including Licensing, Gear, Lodging, & Meals oh, and showers are nice too! Below is a list of items and things we suggest you bring or think about bringing for a snow goose hunting trip or a duck and goose hunting trip with us.

What to Bring
  1. White Suits, White Hats, White Coats - You can get tyvek suits at any hardware store or online, hats you can find at local stores or online. and if you cant find them we will have something for you to either use or to purchase.

  2. Shotgun - 12 gauge or larger is suggested

  3. Ammunition - Roughly 2 boxes a day (just a good estimate) could be less could be more, 3" or larger and 2 shot or larger suggested.

  4. State Hunting License - for the state you will be hunting

  5. Clothing - for all weather we never know what mother nature may bring it can be 80 degrees or it could end up a snowing. Not a bad idea to bring waders cause we may hunt ponds or the fields may collect sheet water with heavy rains. Bring whatever you will be comfortable hunting the entire day wearing.

  6. Snacks - or sack lunches we hunt all day and may break for lunch depending on how the birds are moving through-out the day. But, having something to snack on during the day is always a good idea.

  7. Garbage Bags - we accumulate a lot of trash in our blinds & for bird cleaning. It's nice to clean out the blinds everyday and hunting in a clean blind is always nice. And leaving a clean blind for the following group of hunters is also appreciated.

  8. Cooler or Coolers - for snacks and for transporting birds when you leave.

  9. Seat Cushions or things like that for the blinds. They may be uncomfortable for some and cushions may be a good idea for comfort. We lay out on the blinds for extended periods of time and if you want to stay comfortable or if you may have back problems bringing a seat cushion could save on your bottom and or for your back.

  10. Cameras - you may want to get pictures of your hunts and or film your hunts. Please keep in mind there are other people hunting as well and make sure that you are being descreet about it. We ask that you dont move around and film while birds are working and or during bird movement periods.

  11. Tags - Having tags or making tags with your info on them for tagging your harvested birds is recommended. At very least name address phone number information on a piece of paper for the person that is planning on claiming birds. The DNR may stop you or check you and ask who is claiming the birds and it is your responsibility to make sure you know who is claiming them.

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